Guest Blogging

You know things are looking up when you're asked to be a guest blogger. Holla! That's correct, I am guest blogging. Didn't Leno get his big break guest blogging? Well, Gina Holmes at First Novel Journey, has been shmoozing with the glitterati. I mean this woman is interviewing some of the biggest names in Christian fiction, a born-again Barbara Walters, she is.

So why am I anywhere near this blog, you ask?

Actually, Gina has been a great encouragement. She's a moderator in my critique group and has been instrumental in helping me learn the writing ropes. But really, I think she's just looking for a crash test dummy to illustrate the dangers of bad writing. You know, she'll pull the piece from the wreckage, stand around with the white coats and say, "Notice the poorly constructed sentences" and "I warned him about driving without commas."

Anyway, I am a tad fearful about the piece. In it, I'm slightly critical of the CBA (Christian Booksellers Association), which is not the greatest tact for an aspiring Christian author to take. What the heck. Power to the people, and all that. Visit Gina's site, read the article, leave a comment. And then you too can proudly say, "I know a guest blogger."


Gina Holmes said...

Mike, your article is excellent. You've got nothing to worry about. born-again Barbara Walters? Okay, certainly better than a born-again Howard Stern. Wonder how that would be. Mike, you're one of the most talented writers out there and I include those published in that. I'm going to be interviewing YOU soon. No doubt about it.

mike duran said...

Born-again Howard Stern? My, that would be a miracle! If it happened, he could start a new genre of radio: Christian shock jock.

cd said...

You da man!

Ane Mulligan said...

Glitterati? Mike, Mike, Mike...what are we going to do with you? :o)

I enjoyed this announcement and I can't wait for the world to see your real writing. You've come a long way, bambino!