My Family Tree

I've never much cared for blogs that are like daily journals, where lots of mundane information and details are disseminated. You know, "Today I got a hangnail. But my clippers were broke so I had to rush to the local mini-mart and stand behind a lady with a crying baby with a snot bubble and a guy in a greasy jean jacket buying a six-pack and some lotto tickets. As I drove home, I almost hit a dog, which got me to thinking about the meaning of life and death..."

Now, if you happen to like those types of blogs, that's cool. I understand that some people use them for journaling and things like that. I've never cared for that tedium and vowed when I started this blog that ramblings about my daily life, what kinds of underwear I prefer (boxers or briefs?), or how often I floss, is not a subject of conversation. So I'm kinda breaking my rule by posting this picture.

In this picture are the five most important people in my life. This photo was taken a couple of Christmases ago, but it holds a special place in my mind and on my mantle. Since then, Melody (middle row, left) my oldest daughter got married, moved out and became a real estate professional. Chris, (bottom row, left) is in the final year of his math degree. Jon, (bottom row, right) started EMT training and, more importantly, got a girlfriend. Alayna, (top of the tree) reached her senior year of high-school, A-student and boyfriend-free. And me and Lisa have fallen more deeply in love.

As we reach the end of 2005, I am reflective, like many upon the course of my life and all its blessings. I started this blog at the end of July, as part of my journey to pursue writing. It has been a thrilling year; the Lord has blessed my work and my family so much. I am so thankful! Thanks, Lisa. I love you! You and me are a perfect fit. Thanks, kids (including Jacob, my son-in-law. Sorry you didn't make the picture). You guys are the best kids a Dad could ever wish for! Thanks to my Penwright friends (critique partners). You've sent me on this writing journey with the wisest, most joyful counsel. And thanks to the community of writers, friends and soon-to-be-friends who visit this blog. You are a great blessing to me! Happy 2006 and grace to all!

Now, about those underwear...


Ame said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!! Bet you HATE my blog!!! Love the photo - I have lots of friends with four great children and great marriages - another to add to the list! (but i don't talk about underwear)

Melody said...

Wow Dad I'm surprised you named me in your article. And to everyone else, I'm the one who always leaves the extreme & rough comments on my Dads site, not to mention the misspelled words. "I know you like it Dad, no need to be embarrassed." Oh, and by the way I prefer to ware a thong. Happy 2006!

mike duran said...

Hey, AME, I love your site just the way it is. And Melody, you spelled "Dad's" and "wear" wrong. Plus, the info about the thong was uncalled for.

Gina Holmes said...

Mike, what a BEAUTIFUL family!
Wow. Thanks so much for sharing a little non-related writing stuff about yourself. I know you normally don't like to do that. You're making progress.

You've been a blessing too..and are you as strong as you look or do I not understand the physics of that pyramid?

Dineen A. Miller said...

Gorgeous family, Mike. Happy New Year!

Mary Yerkes said...


What a beautiful family! You are a blessed man!

May God grant you the desires of your heart in 2006 as you continue to serve Him.

Happy New Year!


evandahlke said...

Hey Mike,
Well I have to say that all those out there in "Mikey Land" are blessed to read his stuff and those of us who are lucky enough to know him and his wonderful family personally are double portion blessed. The honesty of his "personal" editors gives him the strength to carry on.
O yea Evan can't leave without some kind of funny, :)
so, Mike- in the picture it looks like your tighty whities are a bit too tighty.
God Bless, Evan

michael snyder said...

I'll bet you guys would kick butt on The Amazing Race.

Great looking family. You just gotta be proud.

One of the other Mikes

Heather Smith said...

Great pic, Mike! It's great to remember the important things in life! And family is always at the top of my list!!

Ane Mulligan said...

You've been blessed, my friend, with a full quiver of beautiful children. Besides the fact your better half is gorgeous. As one of your writing partners, I'm so proud of your blog and your writing. A surtprise is coming your way soon. Be watching...

Storyteller said...

Super family, Mike. Thank you for sharing them with us.
I consider myself blessed knowing you, having your input into my writing, and being able to offer you bits of input into yours.
Happy New Year.
blessings, e

Mike Duran said...

Hey, thanks for all the nice comments. You guys make me wanna post more family photos.

Kelly Klepfer said...


What a nice tribute to your family. Does kind of soften the edgy, though. You might have to do an extra ranty rant for your next post, to shake off all the touchy feely emoting.

I'd kind of like to see you turn your beginning para into an award winning short story. I think a greasy jean jacket, a snot bubble and a fleeing dog could be the the raw material you're looking for.

Happy, Blessed New Year to ya, bud. I think great things will happen.

Mirtika said...

Ah, I'm kinda jealous now, seeing your awfully good-looking offspring. How lovely.

I have a magnificent hubby, but alas, no magnificent arrows in the quiver. :(

God has blessed you, my man.


Anonymous said...

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