From left to right: Jacob, my son-in-law and still-sulking Bronco fan; Melody, my oldest daughter and wannabe chef; Chris, oldest son, eligble bachelor, 1% body fat; Alayna, family princess, doesn't know what a dress is; Trisha, Jon's girlfriend and the nicest person you'll ever meet; and Jonathan, fisherman, bad golfer and Kobe-hater. And below we have Melody and our Dog-in-Law, Champ. (We have a thing for boxers.) Ain't he a beaut? She's substituted a grandbaby for a dog, which is hardly tolerable. But with those glowing eyes, he does bare a strange resemblance to me after twelve straight hours on the computer.


Elaina Avalos said...

Great pictures, Mike. I've had an ongoing debate with friends about what my lab mix is mixed with. It's a fight between a Boxer and Pit Bull. Although she's a different color than your daughter's dog, it' like looking at my puppy. She's got to be a Boxer. But that's neither here nor there! Beautiful family. Except Jonathon has horrible taste in Lakers stars. I love Kobe.

Mike Duran said...

Elaina, I've rooted for the Lakers ever since my Dad took me to see them in 1972, the year of their 33 game win streak. I saw Wilt and West, Gail Goodrich and Pat Riley. It was inspiring. We are huge Laker's fans -- even Jon. He just grumbles about Kobe shooting too much (the usual envious complaints). After Kobe's 81 point performance, Alayna wrote the number "81" in big letters on a piece of paper and taped it to Jon's door...where it remains. Take that, Kobe-hater!

Lyn said...

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