Hold the Anchovies

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Speaking of Flannery O'Conner's "haunting moment," I stumbled upon an interesting post which traverses similar ground. The topic was the difference between films that scare you and films that disturb you in some deep way. Adam Walter, in this post, makes some terrific points. I recently saw A History of Violence, a film which, I think, illustrates the difference. While there is graphic violence and frightening moments, the underlying message is so disturbing it stuck with me for days after the viewing.

On a lighter note, Photoshop's Worth1000 contest site is absolutely hilarious. It contains 5,958 galleries of 215,299 original images, some of which I've sprinkled throughout this post. Start with their Galleries section. If you're like me, it won't take long to get lost. Be sure to check out Bestiality and Celebrity Sideshow and Studio Mix n Match. The Middle Earth section is near blasphemy for us Lord of the Rings fans. This site is pure comedy!

The Poet's Corner is a cool place for your daily fix of poetry. But it's way more than that. They've assembled an extensive library that contains 6,725 works by hundreds of authors covering thousands of years. You can explore Lives of the Poets, Faces of the Poets and even a Daily Poetry Break. Whether you're looking for Ancient Poems, Ballads and Songs of the Peasantry of England or Native American Prayers, you will find them here.

Finally, for some wild and crazy art, check out Juxtapoz, Arts and Culture Magazine. I picked up a copy a while back at the local Borders, and was imme - diately wowed by the ima - ginative designs and twisted art. They feature lotsa edgy artists, like Jeff Soto. But one of the best sections of the online site is the Reader Art. If you're ever looking for the fringes of contemporary art, you might find them here.

Okay, so I'm not picky about pizza toppings. Just go easy on the pepperoni and hold the anchovies.


Janet Rubin said...

Definately a difference between scary and disturbing. As a teen, Jason on Friday the 13th and Freddy on Nightmare on Elm Street scared me. As an adult, I would never watch those movies, but I did watch Saving Private Ryan and The Passion of the Christ, both of which disturbed me. I was glad to be disturbed in such a way-- those films were about reality, much of which is ugly, disturbing stuff and it benefits us to understand how disturbing it is. Getting just a small taste of the horror experienced by those soldiers and by Jesus gave me a new appreciation for them. Also, the picture of Barry in Michael's clothes is disturbing.

Gina Holmes said...

That's all very freaky. I particularly enjoyed Marilyn Manson playing his accordian for change. That'll have me laughing to myself for a few days. Just what I need...more reason for people to think I'mn insane.

Dineen A. Miller said...

ROTFL!!!!!! The first picture about made me hurl! Oh my gosh!!!!!!! Please, say it ain't so. It's...it's...it's lizard lips!!!!!!