The deckhands yell, "Dodo!" It's short for Dorado, which is also called Mahi Mahi. It's one of the premiere sportsfish and with the water warming, we were hoping we'd hit some. And last week, we did.

It was a two day trip out of San Diego into Mexican waters. When we pulled into dock late Saturday night, I'm not sure who smelled worse -- me or the fish? We didn't land a lot, but between the Dodos and the Yellowtail, we did all right. At least, Lisa approved (of course, that was after she had a grilled Mahi steak). I'm not sure what was better, taking a shower when I got home or being called The Old Man and the Sea.


siouxsiepoet said...

mahi is yummy. my mom used to make it for me. nice. i miss the ocean. i've not yet ventured to the atlantic.

so much to see, so little time.


Jeanne Damoff said...

Hey, Old Man. Looks like you enjoyed a few more conveniences on your boat than Santiago did. And you suffered a few less injuries. (Unless all that blood in the first photo is from your hands.)

Those are pretty fish. But where's the eighteen-foot swordfish? :)

Jeanne Damoff said...

P.S. If I heard deckhands yelling, "Dodo!" I probably would have answered.

Ame said...

you mean you didn't stuff and mount the thing? my grandmother had stuffed and mounted sword fish and other ocean catches all over her house ;)

Gina Holmes said...

Mmmm, Mahi-Mahi! Great pics Mike. Looks like an awesome way to spend two days.

Jeane, that's funnny!

Janet Rubin said...

Hmmm... in the days of photo shop, cutting and pasting, big fish stories could be even more convincing. Is that really a fish you're holding?
Now I'm hungry.