What's the Meaning of This?

For some reason this post is the most linked to article on my blogsite. Usually about seven or eight times a week someone is directed here based on word searches for this subject. I have no idea why.


Janet Rubin said...

ya got me.

Mirtika said...

Of course you know why. People google up "curse words". :) They probably also google up award winning movies, like CRASH. :) You have key terms.

I normally get between 46-66 hits per day. When I posted on pornography (and mentioned a famous comics artist) I got 258 hits in ONE DAY. My next biggest hits were on Mel Gibson and on a screenwriting workshop (cause a more popular blog linked to me).

We should run an experiment and mention, "Hate Bush" and "Wild sex" and "naked girls" and "Clay Aiken" and "Britney Spears" and "Gay cowboys" all in one post and see what happens. HAH.


Mike Duran said...

Mir, that is comedy! I think I'll title my next post, "Why Bush Hates Wild Sex and Naked Girls but Loves Gay Cowboys." Bet that'll spike the old hit counter.

Gina Holmes said...

I think Brandilyn posted "Pornography" or something to that effect in one of her blog post titles. She got some interesting comments I'm sure she could have done without. She handled them like the grace driven sweetheart she is but quantity doesn't necessarily equal quality.

Very interesting though Mike and Mir. You've got my brain sputtering. Happens at least a few times a year.