Introducing INsites

Not long ago, I doodled about creativity and imagination. How do artists cultivate ideas, find fresh angles and avoid writing ruts? In their relentless pursuit of originality, creative souls have developed all kinds of odd rituals and techinques. No doubt, one of the most obvious ways to be inspired, is to get in touch with someone who is.

The internet provides near unlimited opportunties to bask in the cyberglow of the Inspired. Of course, the Web can also be a time-consuming, brain-draining, electronic rabbit trail. Notwithstanding, there are many, many great sites to see. The aspiring artist is wont to have at her disposal an arsenal of trusty links, blogs and websites to help keep her mind sharp and her craft honed.

In that spirit, I'm kicking off a feature on Decompose that I'm calling INsites. Here I'll highlight sites that keep me INformed and INspired, the e-fires along the superhighway that I point and click to warm myself by. Ocassionally, I'll be featuring these blogs or websites, interviewing the site owner, and focusing on unique aspects of said domain. Okay, so it's not quite The Gong Show. It's just my own secret treasure map of the infobahn... Enjoy.

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siouxsiepoet said...

i get such a kick out of you mike. you must be a marketing man deep down. maybe it's the pastor in you.

u wrote:
one of the most obvious ways to be inspired, is to get in touch with someone who is.

my friends fuel my fires for sure. when i am in the company of great artists, i cannot help but create. their creativity begets mine. their genius lends to mine. it is circular and i'm damn glad to be a part of it.