Wheelchair Rocker

My wife says I'm too old for this. So I'll be forty-eight next week, who cares. Can't a guy enjoy his music... even an old guy? When I was a kid (like forever-ago), I saw all the big bands. You know, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Queen, Elton John, Yes, ELP, Rush, Aerosmith. Ah, the memories... smoke-filled arenas, throbbing eardrums, vomit puddles. All right, forget the memories.

Anyway, now that I'm a believer (26 years and counting), my love of music is even greater. Of course, my tastes have improved. Now, heavy metal is just one of many good things in life. No, I haven't been to Ozzfest or the Geezers with Guitars tour. Don't need to. Seeing quality Christian artists keeps me busy. Jars of Clay, Delirious, Jennifer Knapp, Audio Adrenaline, Phil Keaggy, Out of Eden, Anberlin, Seventy Sevens, Michael Tait, Spoken, Charlie Peacock, T-Bone, Blindside, Project 86... dude, I've seen them all. And some. Props to my concert buddy, CD. Without you, my bic would burn by its lonesome.

Well now, I have some tickets I've long coveted. As you can see in yonder pic, I've acquired, without the help of a scalper (unless you consider Ticketmaster's stinkin' $14.60 "conven - ience charge" equiva - lent to a scalper), two tickets to see one of my all-time favorite bands. Ladies and gentlemen, next month, Sunday night, May 14, at the House of Blues Aneheim, me and said "concert buddy" (i.e., my oldest son) will be seeing P.O.D. They allow "old guys" into these things, don't they? Hey, as long as my wheelchair can get through that door, I'll be there. Hopefully, I don't get caught up in a mosh pit and do a wheelie on the thing. Man, I'm almost as excited about this as I was interviewing Gina on my blog!

Now, I've got two more bands on my hit list: Switchfoot and Reliant K. Any of you guys ever seen them? Just missed Switchfoot at the Glass House in Pomona before they blew up (the band, not the Glass House). Anyway, I'm keeping my eyes peeled. I'd love to hear your recommendations, just go easy on the country and R&B. Long live all us wheelchair rockers!


The Curmudgeon's Rant said...

Mike, have a great time with your son.

POD should be a lot of fun.

Gina Holmes said...

Pretty soon you'll be buying a sports car ;) I need to get my self to see Third Day. Let's see, last concert I went to would be...Aerosmith and Pearl Jam. (Believe it or not, back then Pearl Jam was an opening band). Like I said, long long time ago. Thanks for listing your favorite Christian bands. I need to broaden my horizen of Third Day and Jars of Clay. I'll check them out.

Mike Duran said...

Thanks for the visit Curm, just don't tell your regular readers you wandered over to this side of the blogsphere. And Gina, I think Novel Journey has taken up far too much of your time. It's time to squeeze into your spandex and get yourself to a good Christian concert. And no, the Vegietales sing-a-long DVD does not count as a Christian concert.

clew said...

Rock on, Mike! I'm right there with ya through this whole post! Even though I'm a whippersnapper (late 30's) ;D

Wish I could invite myself to the show with you!

P.S. I saw Jars of Clay and Jennifer Knapp together a few years ago - what a phenomenal experience! I would love to see Altogether Separate and Between Thieves. Seen either of them?

clew said...

Forgot to tell you my original thought. 'Round here they're called Rogaine Rockers. LOL

Mike Duran said...

Hey clew, thanks for stopping by. Yeah, I saw Jars of Clay and Jen Knapp together at an outdoor concert in Perris, CA, believe it or not. The sound was phenomenal! One of the best sounding outdoor gigs I've ever heard. My older daughter got a picture w/ Ms. Knapp. You've heard she "retired," which is a loss to the Christian music world. I saw ATS two times before they split. Their first album, with its jazz flavor, is one of my top ten faves. I spoke to the lead singer, Dex, over at Harvest Riverside, where he ocassionally sings w/ the praise band. Rock on, clew!

siouxsiepoet said...

mike, i'm not really into christian bands, but love POD.
i'm listening to blue october (hate me is a great tune), white stripes (denial twist is so zep it's frightening), matisyahu (but you know him if you know pod), and fall out boy. only christian bands i hear come from my sis and are limited to: plumb, and i can't remember any more.

it's been a long time for me too, last concert i saw was the reunion of def leppard when what's his face lost his arm.


Heather Smith said...

That sounds sooooo fun! Concerts are one of my favorite things! I love all those bands!
I highly recommend Third Day and Casting Crowns! Awesome concerts that are totally awesome blessings! Oh and the Newsboys and TobyMac...
You've hit my favorite subject. I could go on and on about this one! Anyway, have fun and don't run over anyone's toes in that wheelchair!

Janet Rubin said...

No you're never to old brother! I was looking pretty dorky last weekend. My church had an outreach event "for teens" with 3 HARD CORE CHRISTIAN BANDS, one called Life in Your Way is particularly good. There I was with my teen daughter, looking like a weird 34 year old mom, but having a blast. In June I'm chaperoning as the youth group goes to PA for Creationfest and yes, I'll see REliant K! Back in the day... I did see Motley Crew (ick). Have fun.

Dineen A. Miller said...

Hey Mike,
Give these a try:

Day of Fire
Jonah 33
Big Dismal
Seventh Day Slumber


Mike Duran said...

Man, I almost toppled by bedpan reading these great posts! suz, my son just got Matisyahu's album, but I haven't heard it yet, and I've been tempted to pick up the White Stripes. Heather, I haven't seen any of the bands you mentioned, though I've got almost every Newsboys CD. I like some of Casting Crowns stuff and Third Day is a household name. Janet, way to hang with your daughter! And I want a full report about the Reliant K concert. Dineen, great suggestions. I friend at work really recommends Kutless. I especially like their version of "We Fall Down," though I'm not big on most modern rock remakes of praise songs. I think the trend is getting tired. Though I love the Insiderz "Skallelujah" ska praise albums. Blessings all!

michael snyder said...

Glad I'm not the only old fart out here who digs cool music. And live shows to boot.

And I'm not at all surprised that Suz has good taste in music.

When I lived in Hollywood for a brief stint, I averaged 4-5 concerts per week.

We have four pretty small kids so I don't get out as much. But it's not permanent, more like a brief time out. In the meantime I'll be brainwashing my kids to listen to what I like so we can go to concerts together.

Have fun, Mike. And from what I hear, the cell phone has replaced the lighter for outward displays of approval. Kids!

Kelly Klepfer said...


Word of warning. If you join the Mosh Pit - leave the jewelry at home.

My oldest daughter and I were moshin' to an awesome band, and my rough hewn cross necklace hooked her nose.

She still has the scar.

siouxsiepoet said...

hey mike, check out matisyahu's live at stubb's. it's awesome.

Mike Duran said...

Hey suz, CD informed me that's the album he has (Matisyahu's live at Stubb's), and he also has Fallout Boy. How cool! Now all I need to do is dig through three weeks of dirty clothes, stale sandwich crusts and books on Multivariable Mathematics and University Physics to find them.

siouxsiepoet said...

huzzah! what a boon.
check out audio slave too, i forgot to mention them. i like stain'd a lot, they're very dark though. i've yet to hear chapter v. but i've got most of their past cds. i'm pretty out of it in terms of new releases.


Vicki said...

Dude, you HAVE seen 'em all:-)

I love all kinds of music, but not familiar with all the ones you've listed here....need to catch up. But hey--I was with you on the Pink Floyd years ago :-)

Thanks for stopping by my new place. It's not replacing Windows, just most focused on writing/books/art. Catch ya later!

Vicki said...

just "more" focused on writing/books/art--I meant to say.:-)

And I added you to my blogroll.